Why would Div One clubs trust FKF?
To hear that the Kakamega Stars have been re-instated to the FKF Division one is saddening.

Saddening because the Football Kenya Federation has gone back on it's own rules, ones it said it would uphold to the letter.

The Kakamega side has not yet started the season, while other sides have played eight times, they should be out of the league without even a second consideration.

And we do not care what kind of problems they have. That does not matter to us.

There are poorer sides that have managed to pay their participation fees on time and Kakamega are not the only ones in need of a break. All the clubs are.

What is worse is that the Federation knows they will not last in the Division as they can't afford it.

They just wanted to eat on the participation fees and then kick them put again.

You worry about the promise of a leaner Division One next season. If they can contravene rues that are in their own constitution, what makes anyone think that they will not run over rules that they have set themselves over a cup of tea.

If I were the clubs, I would hold the story with a pinch of salt.