Sofapaka and Kenyan football owes Kalekwa
I do not like coming in defence of rogue club officials who do not care about player welfare and are only in the game to make a name and some money along the way.

But I beg to say that Elly Kalekwa is not one of them.

Everyone has issues in life, financial ones to be exact and they are not anything new to any living being.

Football clubs all over the world are in an era where they struggle to make money and at times have to rely on their bosses to help them get on their way.

Sofapaka are like that, they are one of those clubs that do not have the fan base to get going, they depend more on their rich owner than themselves to survive.

They have one or two sponsorship deals but all in all, they can't make ends meet without their owner.

And in my view, Elly Kalekwa has done lots for the Kenyan game.

1. He, with Sofapaka's arrival, has brought a level of professionalism to a game that has long suffered. He has ensured that players are finally well taken care of in the country by giving out good contracts and abiding to them.

2. And he has brought a level of competition to a league that yearned for just that, with the dominance of the likes of Ulinzi Stars and Tusker FC being challenged and thus the increase in quality in the league.

And so, I will give him the benefit of a doubt when it comes to missing out on paying his players for a month or two.

He at-least has the balls to admit that the players have not been paid.