Arsenal fans chew more than they can stomach
Having watched Arsenal FC London in action recently, I think its time all and sundry accept that they are no longer the big club we once knew.

I accept that losing is a part of the game but really, what big club loses 1 - 3 at home in the UEFA Champions League and claims to be a force?

And it is not like it the first time they have done so in the same competition.. remember Man United some years back?

Can Arsenal win when it matters? You bet they can't.

On North London derby day over the weekend, one could see how small time they have become....Conceding two goals in two minutes and both in same fashion!!

Now who do we blame? Tottenham, the Arsenal players or the manager Arsene Wenger?

While other clubs are looking for three points in every game and trophies at every attempt, Arsenal seem to be heading the other way.

Mediocrity has crept in.

Personally, I think its time we as fans accept that we no longer belong to the best thus we should be ready for any result and just accept three or no points when they come.

Expectations should go down to Arsenal's present level.

I think that the sooner the fans realize that they are expecting too much from a group of players and a manager who is out of his depth, they will accept their current status.

Reality is that Arsenal fans are chewing more than they can handle.