Too much fan pressure for Gor to handle?
Looking at Gor Mahia's 5-0 win away from home at Anse Reunion in the Seychelles makes you think hard, especially if you consider that the first game ended goalless here at home.

Apart from Teddy Akumu's red card, there was no other reason why Gor did not win that game because even with ten men, they were the better side and should have won.

To solve the issue, I was told to look at three options.

1. In the first leg, Gor went down to ten men.

2. In the second leg, Anse could not sit back and defend since they were at home.

3. In the first leg, Gor had the pressure of the home fans to deal with.

I looked at the third choice and asked, do we give our players too much pressure that they fail to perform?

At Gor, we demand success at every level and that is just how life is at our grand old club. All the personnel at the club know that they have to expect performance contracts from the fans.

Which is all good, but is it handicapping our players?

So should we going to the stadium be interpreted as support or pressure?

I sure hope that we fans do not give our players too much pressure because I like to think that I support them and give the moral help, not make them feel that they owe me.

We must ensure that there is a line between supporting the club and making life difficult for the players.

At the end of the day, what we want them to do is win.