Why are Kenyan players failing so miserably in South Africa?
I have no answer to the above question, maybe someone has.

Of late and in fact over the last couple of years, I have read stories of Kenyan players heading for trials down South, in search of pastures greener but to no avail.

What is going on?

If I can remember well, the only players who have had relative success down there are of a defensive nature.

Musa Otieno obviously comes to mind as does Dennis Odhiambo and now Brian Mandela. The rest, never make the cut.

Recently, we have had the likes of Francis Kahata, Clifton Miheso and others head down there but have not secured deals to keep them down there on a permanent basis.

Even Eugene Asike, an upcoming defender has not been able to beat the tape.

So I ask, are we just not good enough or there are factors at play here?

South Africa can stake a claim at having one of the better leagues in the continent, maybe after the North African ones in quality, they come up there.

So is the quality too much for our players?

Or maybe as someone told me, we have no good technique we Kenyans so we have to put to use our size and speed in play thus the success of defensive players.

I do not know.. What worries me is the repeated failure of our players down there. Can someone help explain what is going on?