Arsenal script has been abused
If there is a script that has been redone, re-read, abused to some extent, it has to be the Arsenal one.

The same old song over the side's defensive frailties have been sung over and over again.

Difference this time is that everyone has stopped blaming the defenders. They are not the issue, the issue is Arsene Wenger.

He has over the past eight years refused to work on a back-line that possesses good individual players but poor team ethic. No one is responsible for that expect for Wenger.

At White hart lane, a story was read once again, of Arsenal's concession of poor goals, but if you watched closely or remembered well, they were never far off the horizon.

The goals were similar, in a way a maddening statistic because they were so much the same and happened within the space of two minutes and repeatedly over the last eight years.

Thing is, you could see it coming.

At his post match press conference, Wenger tried his level best to make face but it was apparent that the obvious nature of the display at the back was not going to earn him salvation.

Wenger, after all this years can still find the cheek to lie about the club's state.

The script has sadly run out of pages, an end to the career of a man who will sadly be remembered more for his stubbornness than success on the pitch.