Reward our strikers to get goals
To improve our goal tally at international level we just have to reward players for scoring.

If the players do not feel valued and or do not live in the best facilities on earth or get paid top dollar for doing their job, they will not work as hard because they feel used and manipulated.

And if we want to have them firing from all cylinders, we have to reward them.

If we placed a huge bounty for goals scored, we would have them coming in from all angles.

Every striker would look at the goalposts as his way to a bonus which he can use to pay fees with or whatever.. That way, we will get going again.

Imagine them knowing that they can earn 20 or 30 thousand bob per goal scored.. Wouldn't there be a rush for the goals?

Same way for the clean sheets we pick up and games we win. The federation has to come up with a bonus system that enables players feel valued.. Like a commission of sorts to help out.

On the other hand, we also need to get coaches for the strikers. Natural ability is always good but we need the talent coached and very hard to see it blossom.

Even Thierry Henry, one of the best strikers to grace the game in our generation was coached and continued working on his finishing, trying new things now and then.

We must pay and coach our strikers to do well, otherwise we will never.