Who next.... Capello?
I take exception to the statement by the FKF that they are looking for a professional coach to take care of the national team.

This is because just what do they mean by professional?

If we are talking professional, then by my knowledge, we are not going to go much further than Henri Michel whose CV blinds that of all local coaches in an instant.

And if we are supposedly looking for a coach of Michel's standard, then who are we going to sign? Fabio Capello?

I think that the ones who need professional coaching are the FKF themselves.


It is they in the first place that appointed Michel, well in the knowledge that he does not know a word of the local languages.

It is they themselves who paid him in bits knowing well that he wanted full payment and that they could not afford it.

It is they who allowed him to stay at home instead of heading to the CECAFA Challenge Cup. Even if he did not want to go, they would have had him there if the wanted.

And it is they who split the national team in two and caused massive confusion.

FKF are the ones who need professional coaching, not the players.. The players lack guidance from the FKF and wont perform unless they do so.


The ridiculous thing was them blaming Michel for not going to the CECAFA Challenge Cup, just like the boss blaming the employee for not doing their job.

The federation should just stop and think.. Who are they going to appoint now if they have messed up Michel?

I sure hope it's not Fabio Capello.