I hope Vitor means Victory
AFC Leopards have a new coach.. Vitor Salvado.

Apart from being the successor to the great Jan Koops which is already a hard task, there is nothing much to talk about him as far as being a coach is concerned.

We have to see him to judge him.

His pluses are that he is Portugese and so has a link however minute, to Jose Mourinho and Andre Villas Boas. If we could get just five percent of what those two are, then I will be happy.

Negatives are that he has never coached in the continent and will jump straight into the fire when he arrives at Leopards, a club crying for a first league title in ages.

Personally, I do not buy much into this foreign coaches thing because I think that they are just slightly better if not the same as the local ones, just that we tend to respect the colour more than the idea.

I suppose that what Leopards are trying to do is get a cross between Koops and Zdravko Logarusic, someone who can bend to them and also not be shy to spit fire.

I wish the guy the best of luck and hope that he has a good time at the club.

I personally would have preferred Tom Olaba as coach because he is well known and is feared by players for his brush attitude just like Robert Matano is.

Since I don't make the decisions though, I will support the club in whatever decision they have made and hope that the name Vitor actually means victory.