Mombasa problem can be easily solved
During the 2012 FKF Division one season, I read a Facebook post from Administration Police head coach Tom Juma.

It read: Officiating in Mombasa is very poor... Mickey mouse.

And that is not the only time we have seen or heard complaints from that side of town.. They are the order of the day.

A player I know once laughed that some Mombasa team was awarded three bogus penalties by the referee and still missed them all.. Embarrassing indeed.

So what can be done to curb it?

Same ground

A variety of people I have spoken to simply say that as long as the teams play their matches at a central point, then things will be okay.

That referees have the final say in this matters is obvious, so what can happen is that they can be put on the spotlight when we all have the matches at a central point.

All teams that take part in the Division one from the region are not too far off each other so they can make use of a facility like the Mombasa Sports Club or Mbaraki.

There, we can have easy access to the games and also hand the FKF officials an easy time to follow the games and witness for themselves what goes on.

Also, the playing ground will be better as compared to the dusty surfaces we are used to.


What we need in the division is fairness which if we use Nairobi as an example is good as compared to other parts of the country.

It is simple: We have them under the spotlight.. They can't do ill when we are all there.

I hope that the FKF can consider this proposal and implement it for the betterment of the game.