Who is right.. The club or the player?
I have noticed recently that clubs are giving players a hard time over their release letters.

Even worse if you are jumping ship... You will have to produce tears of gold.

So I thought, to what level should clubs allow players to have their way? Should clubs determine the fate of players or should players be given what they always want.

There are two sides to it.

1. If the player is moving a notch higher: I think that if one wants to leave for what is a much better deal or progression and has set his mind to it, then let him go.

In the case of Enoch Agwanda at SoNy Sugar last season who was denied a move to Sofapaka, what value was there in keeping him for the year.

Now, he has moved to the same club a season later, meaning SoNy have in a way admitted the inevitable.

If he left last season what would have changed? If he was to move to a much much better club then okay.

Now though, they have both wasted a year.

2. Good move: In other cases the club is right, they see the bigger picture.

For example Francis Kahata at Thika United, moving to Gor Mahia or AFC Leopards does not represent an outstanding move, so it is okay to hang on to him.

If for example he goes to South Africa, Thika will have got value for money and then again Kahata will have too.

So if you ask me, it is right for them not to sell to a local club, unless it is a substantial fee, which is never going to happen in Kenya.

They should thus stick to the player.. Not sell, even if the player wants to push through with a move.

Delicate balance indeed.