Olaba an assistant? Gimme a break
I do not know what things people at AFC Leopards smoke but they must be on something potent right now.

The appointment of Tom Olaba as the club's assistant coach is why I say so.

Anyone who half knows Olaba, will tell you that he is a man of his own... He does not take kindly words from elsewhere.

What Olaba says is the rule of law.

He is a lone operator, straight talking, hard hitting and proud... He is Olaba!


So his appointment as assistant coach got me wondering. He will work under who?

It is like naming Robert Matano an assistant coach.. Won't he just run into problems with the man who is supposed to be above him?

Olaba will want some power, will want to run things the way he likes.

I really do not know who he will work with or under.. Even if it is a foreigner... Hard to see.

It will be interesting watching.. I can't wait to see this unfold.


On the bright side, he is experienced and that is what Leopards need on their technical bench.

He will add some value as compared to what they had last season and will give them a fiery edge.. He will push the players hard to perform.

Though I still wait to see who he will work under.