I can't get past the KSh11 million

Sam Nyamweya said he paid Henri Michel a total of KSh11 million for being kind enough to spend part of his holidays in Kenya. Ok, that’s not what he said but it sure sounded like it.

In all honesty, if indeed the Frenchman left with such a huge cheque, then as a nation we were heavily conned. And it doesn’t make it less painful for the Chairman to go public with the specifics of the con.

I would rather he kept the figures to himself because in all essence nobody needed to know that a division one club annual budget went to one individual, who did nothing more than take us from 130th to 134th place in world rankings-it really hurts.

But I really hope we have learnt something this time round-a lesson we should have picked after (Antoinne) Hey made garbage of our reputation football-wise and took the first flight to Germany.

We (the Federation) cannot continue being gullible, as it makes Kenya an easy mining-ground for any individual with a coaching certificate (even the fake ones).

And maybe the Chairman should also learn to keep some embarrassing information like the KSh11 million easy con to himself and spare us the pain of having to explain to juniors like South Sudan why we have been in the sport for decades but cannot tell a real coach from a random guy looking for easy money.