We have ruined our reputation
I write this from the other side of the world.. (Does it matter where?)

In the country I live in, they do not like the French much.. In fact, they hate their guts, their looks and the fact that Napoleon originated from there.

They gloat that they beat the French at war and in more or less everything else..

If you get the drift, I will now move on to my topic for the day.

Henri Michel.

Chased away

We all know the reasons why the coach left... It is common knowledge.

However, the FKF have come out and said lots of things.. Breach of contract.. We paid him in full.. Blah blah..

I have been told expressly that the FKF tried its best to pay the man and his team, but in the end it was not enough as Michel was fed up with many things and in general the way the federation is run as an entity.

So in Kenya, FKF have tried to create the illusion that they are not in the wrong.

But we the fans know they are.

Who cares

Sadly for us, no one out here cares about what we say or want them to hear.

The story is out and the verdict has been sealed and set.. We are serial offenders.

Out here, Kenya just mistreat coaches and make no effort to ensure that the well being of the coaches is an agenda.

When we appointed Michel, the countdown was already on.. How long will he last.. Tick tock..

Two months or so it is.. They already knew that we have a problem.

Who will join

The worst bit about our reputation is that our neighbours all have foreign coaches who are treated very well and with the highest regard.

So who will come here next time.. Who will want anything to do with Kenya?