How cheap are our referees?
It is sad to hear the story of the Kenyan referees who are caught up in a match-fixing scam.

They were allegedly at the centre of a plot to fix a match two years ago in South Africa and have now been mentioned in a probe that has seen very senior heads roll.

According to the grapevine, they were offered sums close to Ksh one million each to fix the match and obviously obliged.

I say obviously because what else would a Kenyan referee do other than accept the sum and move on?

It would be criminal not to.

Come out

The lesson that we have to learn from this in the first place is that in life everything comes out.. the truth always will.

And second is, what does it mean for our referees?

If those at the complete top can afford to do such a thing, it shows that we have a real problem on our hands.

First in my opinion, if I were to fix a match, I would ask for a far bigger sum because that is the highest level of the game in the world.. I will only agree to put my reputation and career on the line if the sum is worth talking about.

But to do so for a million bob just shows the level of thinking our referees have.. The level they have dropped to.

Start afresh

That aside, what do we expect a person at the lowest level of the game to do if the one at the absolute top can accept a million bob.

If they can take a million, what would a ref at the district level take to fix a match.. A thousand?

That is why we need a complete overhaul of our system.. We need to start afresh and start from the grassroots.

We need to change the system we operate in which is rugged and prone to problems... We can't continue the way we do.. We have to stop now and start again.

It is a major problem.


First, we need to accept that we have a real problem on our hands and then move on from there.

We can't have the same referees who are compromised take charge of our future.

To the relevant authorities: We need change and that will come from you. We are at risk of ruining gains made in the game in the last few years in our game.

For the referees: Sorry you got caught.