AFC Leopards: Ndege or Mugalia?
I am an AFC Leopards fan and just can't help but think that Bob Mugalia will add no value to the club at all.

Mugalia is in my opinion past his best and a player we should not even think of wasting time on.

Last season at Sofapaka, the guy had a forgettable year and was one of those players I thank the man above we did not try touch because everything he got close to did not turn to gold.

Not to say that he is a bad player.. No, in his formative years, he was lively and unpredictable and scored goals.

He can re-discover his form.. maybe.. At Leopards... I don't know.


As far as strikers are concerned, I would much rather we go for Obadiah Ndege who is mooted to be in talks with the club.

He is younger and his potential to score goals is there for all to see.

And again, we have Allan Wanga, the excellent Mike Baraza and Victor Ochieng already at the den... 

I would rather we go for a younger face and one that can grow even further... You can argue that Mugalia won't and Ndege will.

That is a decision for the Leopards bosses to decide.


There is a risk to both players.

Ndege is young and we are not sure he can score goals regularly.. He did so from the bench at Tusker.. Mugalia is out of form.

However if I was to decide on who to take between the two, I would go for Ndege.. He represents a better risk than Mugalia.

How would you go?