FKF fumes over lack of live KPL action

Football Kenya Federation [FKF] is disappointed with the fact that none of the weekend Kenya Premier League matches was aired live and knows exactly where the blame is.

Four matches were played on Saturday while the remaining four matches will be played on Sunday afternoon. The league official broadcasters earlier on Thursday scrapped off Gor Mahia against Zoo FC match from the live roster and had planned to air the Thika Stadium action against Posta Rangers and Bandari plus the Sunday double header but later opted against airing any the matches on Friday evening.

All nine should be live

FKF President Nick Mwenda believes that Kenya's top tier should not miss on tv and feels it is has reached a point where all the nine matches should be televised. 

-We want the game back on TV and in fact every premier league game should be on TV there is no reason to explain that nine matches in KPL cannot be on TV when NSL is doing four matches, We cannot even get highlights of the Premier League and all matches after a weekend. Its a joke!he said.


Mwenda wants the league  to emulate what other countries do when it comes to top tier football. He feels it is not fair after several weeks of delay, their are no matches being broadcasted.

-I tell you this is what happens around the world and if they dont do it then NSL will do it. Lets face these things head on and correct our game. I think some people dont take their work seriously and it is annoying because we delayed football for a month and there was acrimony then comes to the second round and there is not football on TV. I want to assure you that we dont lie when things go wrong but we think someone isnt doing their job correctly because in our view we should not miss football since that is how we make our money. How do you motivate the players to continue taking part? he added.