Sports Tribunal orders FKF, KPL to 'sit and talk'

The Sports Dispute tribunal has managed to quell albeit temporarily the tension that existed ahead of the expected ruling on the FKF-KPL battle over the proposed 18-league first tier league in Kenya after ordering the two to create harmony and develop a consensus on the way forward.

It was however largely a reprieve for the FKF after it was granted power to proceed and implement the 18 team Kenyan Premier League without interference by KPL by the virtue of being the body mandated by FIFA to run the football affairs in the country.

In a ruling delivered on Tuesday 10 January 2017 by the Sports Dispute Tribunal sitting, the petition by the KPL to have the Federation denied permission to implement the 18 team league was dismissed with the two warring parties being given a week to sit and come with a way forward on the merits, modalities and mechanism of discussing the KPL expansion.


The Federation was given up to Wednesday 11 January 2017 to nominate and communicate to KPL the nominees of the Joint Executive Committee that will discuss on how to expand the League. The JEC [from both parties] will later on Monday 16 January 2016 have a sit down on the League expansion issue with the discussions  and both parties will report the outcome of the discussions and decisions at the tribunal sitting that is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 17 January 2017 at 1430hrs.


…for the purpose of managing and proper functioning of the relationship between the parties with respect to the expansion of the Kenyan Premier League, the tribunal makes the following orders:

-The FKF shall by close of business on Wednesday, 11th January 2017 nominate and communicate to the KPL its nominees to the Join t Executive Committee for the purpose of discussing inter alia the merits, modalities and mechanism for the expansion of the Kenyan Premier League from 16 to 18 teams for the 2017/2018 season

-The JEC duly constituted by the nominees of the KPL and FKF shall convene a meeting and discuss the merits, modalities and mechanisms for the expansion of the league, which discussions must be concluded by Monday, 16th January, 2017.

-The parties shall report on the outcome of their discussions and decisions made of such meetings at the Tribunal’s sitting at 2:30 PM on Tuesday, 17th January, 2017.

-The prayer for a permanent injunction restricting the respondents from contemplating, discussing or implementing any decision to expand the Kenyan Premier League is dismissed.

-A permanent injunction is issued restraining the respondents from otherwise interfering with the petitioner’s right to manage the Kenyan Premier League during the currency of the Agreement dated 24th September, 2015. 

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