Mwendwa restates FKF's position in league structure impasse
Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa once again waded in to the KPL/ FKF feud over the league composition by stating at all the federation has been asking is cooperation from the KPL and not in anyway trying to usurp the league organisers in the proposed call of expanding the  league structure.
Speaking at the end season FOYA awards, Mwendwa advised that players welfare should be the thing put to the fore as he also reiterated that FKF has not for once taking over KPL's mandate of running the league, rather than only ask for more cooperation from he league.
-We have tussled over it for 3 year and it's time this comes to an end, hopefully. What matters in this is whether we are cooperating better than before and taking care of our players. We have asked for cooperation from KPL as they continue doing their job. FKF isn't contemplating the absence of KPLor working without them. That's our position, we have asked for more cooperation from our partners, so as to enjoy more diversity and have a clear way of doing things, he said.
With the dispute set to be decided upon in the near future, Mwendwa hinted onFKF's willingness to abide by the tribunal's verdict when it comes out.
- We have a dispute tribunal in place and us taking the matter there, shows we embrace institutions. We have confidence that they can work and we want Kenyans to know that in football there is both a way and a fair way, Mwendwa added.
The Tribunal had been scheduled to decide on whether the 2017 league will have an expanded 18 teams or remain with KPL's backed 16 teams.