FIFA declares stand on KPL, FKF league format impasse

Football World Governing Body (FIFA) has in a strongly worded statement ordered the Kenya Premier League (KPL) and Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to work towards solving the impasse surrounding the composition of the 2017 Kenyan top-tier league.

The scale of the league has been a divisive issue between the two with KPL voicing their reluctance to adopt FKF’s proposal of an expanded league of 18-teams opting for the corridors of justice. 

However through a communiqué addressed to the federation, FIFA has in response to a correspondence from FKF, ordered both parties to work toward settling their differences but affirmed KPL as a subordinate body to the FKF which is the sole organ mandated 'to organize and run football in all its forms.'

-We confirm receipt of your letter dated 19 October 2016 with regard to the situation of the Kenyan Premier League (KPL), the contents of which have received our full attention. We have been informed of the ongoing discussions held over the past two years between the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the KPL with regard to the composition of the KPL, the letter from FIFA's Secretary General Fatma Samoura read in part.

So shall it be

-We know that the FKF has wanted to increase the number of teams competing in the top-tier league, namely the KPL, from 16 clubs to 18 clubs for the last two years and we are also aware of the failed attempts to settle the situation via a memorandum of understanding (MoU) despite the involvement of Kwesi Nyantakyi,

-We would like to remind you that one condition of being a member of FIFA is to be responsible for organising and supervising football in all its forms in its country (art. 11 par. 1 of the FIFA Statutes). As such, the FKF is responsible for the top-tier competition, namely the KPL, in Kenya, and according to article 17 of the FKF constitution, leagues affiliated to the FKF shall be subordinate to and recognised by the FKF.

-In addition, art. 35 par. 1 (i) and (n) and art. 76 par. 2 of the FKF constitution stipulate that the National Executive Committee is entitled to decide the number of teams participating in the competitions of the FKF and that it can delegate to subordinate leagues the authority to organise competitions, the letter continued.

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